NEXT LEVEL recap- Jenn X wins MoPro Dutchtown Classic, Bridie O’Donnell powers through the Amgen Tour of California TT

Vanderkitten-Focus Top Step at MoPro Dutchtown Classic

jennifer Reither led the Vanderkitten-Focus to their 11th win of the season by taking out the final leg of the Tour de Grove MOPRO Series in Missouri.
Here is Jenn’s Race report:
A weekend at MoPro St. Louis MO.

The kittens were in St. Louis this past weekend racing hard and successfully bringing home a WIN!


The Kittens opened up with a warm reception at Friday night’s Loop de Loop, making their presence known by launching attacks, contesting primes and ripping the legs off the field. The crowd went crazy cheering and screaming GO Vanderkitten! The litter attacks included a purrrrfect launch and time off the front from Ruth Widner. Jasmine “Jazzy” Hurikino, hit awesome counter attacks after Captain Kitten JennX was reeled back in by the pack on a few occasions. The fan’s passion and support paid off as the team delivered kitten Kate “Chilly” Chicott to a 3rd place finish.
1st Sam Schneider – Tibco
2nd Sarah Feder – Pepper Palace
3rd Kate Chilcott

The Grove
Saturday’s race in The Grove was another day of attacking and chasing. The pack was a bit more aggressive as this race was part of the National Criterium Calendar and the heavy hitters were out for sprint points and a prestigious win. Vanderkitten raced the windy 1.5 mile course as tactically as possible sending girls off the front and having other team’s reel them back in. The wind took a toll on team VK. Efforts being put in were taking the kick and zap out of each kitten’s legs. We did have the extra kitty power with Maura “MK Ultra” Kinsella joining us with Fresh legs, who chased down attacks and stayed close to sprinter Emily “Mooney” Collins along with her teammate Jazzy. On the last lap, Jazzy strung out the pack for the last 2 while Jr. Kitten, Ruth “1K” Widner took a nice flying and spent a few laps off the front. took teammate Emily “Mooney” Collins through the last corner for the 200 meter sprint, Emily took a chance to sprint the open lane to the right but it was Erica Allar who won from the left lane. Emily held on for 4th.
1st Erica Allar – Ride Clean
2nd Sam Schneider – Tibco
3rd Laura van Gilder – Mellow Mushroom
4th Emily Collins – Vanderkitten

Dutchtown Classic

Without a win on the books for the weekend, Sunday’s race in Dutchtown was the last opportunity for VK to bring it home for the team. The plan stays the same… RACE the hell out of your bike. Whoever wins this race will have to put in a lot of work to do so. From the gun “MK Ultra” launches an attack, using her mad TT skill stays away for 10 minutes. Once reeled in “Chilly” hurts that pack on the climb, and then Jazzy launches with another rider on her wheel and stays away till 4 to go. When Jazzy is reeled in I launch a vicious attack getting a 11 second gap quickly, all the while, “1K Widner” and the rest of the kittens are protecting “Mooney” near the front of the pack. Quick side note, while Jazzy was off the front, Ruth railed a corner, flatted, skipped her bike across the pack and STAYED UPRIGHT!!! Mad skills, glad I saw it; no one would have believed her. From here on out the details get a bit vague as I was lacking oxygen, seeing stars and bottles Michelob Ultra (Title sponsor banners). I think people were telling me I had a gap of 20 seconds at 2 to go, but all I could hear was my mind saying, “Frack!! 2 more laps, Mooney better be ready when I get caught”. I think to myself to push just a bit harder to make them chase me and wear out the other sprinters legs. So put it to them I do and never look back. I then had the finish line in sight, thinking that the pack was on my heels I gave it every effort I could to get across the line, and I did, so exhausted that I couldn’t even fist pump my victory. I did finally looked back and wondered where the rest of the pack was, a spectator told me I had a 27 second gap, I was shocked.
The plan came together and the Vanderkittens did it as a team. This win meant so much to me, because it meant so much to all of us, Emily, Jazzy, Kate, Maura, Ruth, Bridie, Courtney, Starla, Vanessa, Jono, Dave and the Fans to celebrate another victory for Vanderkitten.
1st Jennifer Reither – Vanderkitten
2nd Sarah Feder – Pepper Palace
3rd Laura Van Gilder – Mellow Mushroom

Enjoy the photos,

Enjoy the Ride
Captain JennX Fairy Princess

For more pics and story, click JennBonics Blog

Yesterday, Aussie powerhouse Bridie O’Donnell rode a fast race at the Amgen Tour of California Womens Invitational TT. The 2009 Australian TT Champion clocked a 44:34 over the windswept 29km course that the Pro men contested directly afterwards. Report and more pics to come!

Bridie ODonnell and the lonely roads, with only thousands of cheering fans to keep her company…



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