Vanderkitten Athletics


Since 2005, Vanderkitten has been committed to spreading awareness of women excelling, battling the odds and achieving. From Cycling to Dance, movement has become the hallmark of the change we promote. Vanderkitten has evolved into an organization dedicated to increasing the visibility of successful women and inspiring women by sharing those stories.

From our humble beginnings we have been defining the style of alternative action sports and winning multiple national titles in Cycling while promoting personalities from music to motocross. Vanderkitten is a symbol of empowerment for female athletes everywhere. Our continued investment into women’s athletics has been recognized the world over and our racing program has produced world-class athletes.

A new chapter has begun for Vanderkitten as we shift from the commercial world to a mission-driven role to inspire women to live healthy, active lifestyles through the promotion of athletes, personalities and everyday Janes doing extraordinary things.

We all want to see a world where women athletes achieve global “equality” with men to the same levels that we are are beginning to achieve in career and domestic roles, but what still lacks is a structure to support and grow this mission. Vanderkitten is helping companies become active participants in our “Invest in the Sport” methodology of creating a market that supports our athletes by bridging the stories with the end consumers.

Vanderkitten started as an answer for women looking for casual apparel that acknowledged their prowess and achievements. We then created fashion-forward, racing inspired cycling apparel for those who want to make a statement. By integrating sport, design and apparel, we created a new model for sustainability of women’s sports… we just wish more companies had our courage because athletics are definitely better when women have an equal opportunity to kick ass!

Investing in Vanderkitten is investing in an equal opportunity for women.

VK Strong!


3 thoughts on “Vanderkitten Athletics

  1. Hey! You really have an awesome team! I recently returned to racing ( I’m a past US National Champion) and noticed that your team actually works as a team! Something that did’t happen in my day.
    What’s disappointing is that you don’t have a Women’s Master’s Team!!!You could call us Vanderkatz.- with a different level of support. You say you are supportive of women, but it seems only the young ones.
    So come on- How about a B Team of women?
    PS you have the best kits

  2. Seriously, your kits are legit! A friend of mine were gawking over them at Tulsa Tough this weekend. We were tempted to buy matching bibs but something about it feels so wrong not actually being a Vanderkitten…But perhaps Vanderkitten is a state of mind. I’m all about your mission as well! Keep on kicking ass, ladies!

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