Its not easy being this fast.

Every season the team takes time to get used to new equipment, and this season is no different. We’ve switched wheels and components to Easton while FOCUS has stepped up providing us with FOCUS Izalco and Cayo Carbon Road frames and Calebro TT Bikes.

As one can imagine, the riders and staff have their work cut out getting the right parts for the right fit. Our team mechanic pulls late-nighters to get it all done, while I get to dream of how I want our new Subaru Impreza WRX team car to look.

Our Subaru is a 2009 and features a 265hp turbo-charged flat 4 hurtling to 60 in just 4.7 seconds. Now, because this car might have to pass as many as 18 other cars in a caravan for service, we naturally added a host of cycling specific goodies to the car like a Yakima rack that we can configure with up to 5 bike attachments. This enables fast service on course… but since most of the time the car is not being driven in poke-a-long caravans, we found some other accessories to make it livable.

First ,we added a Subaru Performance Tuning 3″ exhaust to it to give it a sound worthy of the champion racers it services. Second, we added a short-shift kit to make changing gears faster and more accurate, just like using a high-end drive train. This pretty much gaurantees that Vanderkitten has the fastest team car in the caravan… even if the average caravan speed is 18mph.

The graphics kit is inspired by the 70’s Carrera from Porsche and the car is all business. Catch the team car if you can, and see you at the races! -VK

Vanderkitten-Focus also utilized an Audi TT at Cascade Classic. Brap!